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Server Room Design

This is so cool yet i wonder how did they do such a thing


The Google Saree

Satya Paul has created a new Saree which is a traditional Indian Attire which features the Google Logo and some search results in it, we are wondering what search term he used to design the saree.

Anyone planning to gift this to their Indian girlfriends

Via [techie-buzz]

Random Post: Dudes doing fancy kid fliping

This might look cool, but it all ends when someone gets hurt...

This just sad, its a shame that her parents let her do that...

The new iPhone 3G is here

It has been a long day....finally, the new 3G iPhone is here
This phone is soo cool. It has thinner edges, full plastic backing, flush headphone jack, and the new iPhone 2.0 firmware, runs 3rd party apps, 3G speeds (almost the same as wi-fi), 7 hours of video and 24 hours of audio time, GPS is in the phone as well

Can you believe it, this short movie is made with a open-source animation program called Blender
A small team just made this great ten-minute cartoon with this free software...
All i got to say is, out!!!

VIA [boingboing] / Download Moive

Is this for Real???

Can this thing be true...In my eyes, This has to be a hoax
Well more examples videos after the break...

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