A DIY arcade cabinet

This guy coming home from Japan, seen the new Street Fighter IV cabinet. He thought of importing one but that will be a bit of a task. So he decided to build one for himself. After seeing the cabinet, he clearly worked hard on this project so great for him. I'm not going to be surprised when he starts building this cabinet for money....Hey , i would

Via kotaku
More Pics here

Grand Theft Auto IV "Everyone's a Rat" Trailer

This is the fourth trailer for GTA 4,
Finally a brilliant game is on its way :)

Sneak Peek Of "Blackout"

Haven't been making posts for a while but here's something that you'll enjoy
Here's some Screenshots of the new map for Halo 3 called Blackout (part of the legendary map pack)...enjoy

Pauly Shore playing the race card

Pauly Shore is here talking about how urban comics get more gigs than white comics (Well...Only him)
I hope it's just the crack talking...lol. I never thought this guy was funny anyway. Can someone tell him race has nothing to do with how funny you are, talent does and you clearly don't have any talent

BigDog quadruped robot on the run

This is the best video i've ever seen. The guys at Boston Dynamics have made something really cool, but borderline spooky. The BigDog quadruped robot seems to be pentagon's new toy. What will they do next?

Via Gizmodo

Barack Obama on Hip Hop

Barack speaking about his views on Hip Hop, Very interesting :)

I-20 - Down South

Haven't seen him a whole, nice joint though!!!


Yes!!! Its finally here
Hulu is out of beta and now fully public
Now, when you miss a show, you can still watch it via Hulu

So, sign-up now and experience what its all about Hulu

The Bourne Conspiracy Trailer

This game is so cool in every way...

AC - "Rae Told Me"

New MC from Staten Island...

YouTube Adding Live Video

There are so many streaming video sites out there already, it's only right for YouTube to jump on it right?...You already knew that answer, it's just a matter of time. Co-founder Steve Chen said in a interview...
“Live video is just something that we’ve always wanted to do, we’ve never had the resources to do it correctly, but now with Google, we hope to actually do it this year.”
In the meanwhile, Yahoo Live should give users something to do until then.

Via newteevee.com

I hope this gets in the Season 2 DVD, i just can't wait

Kid punked out of an Xbox 360

That is so funny yet so wrong is every way. I just feel so bad for him. Many readers at Engadget felt so bad for him, they want to hook him up with a Xbox 360...Hey, i'll would!

Via Engadget

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