Try decrypt this CAPTCHA

Still haven't figured it out yet...The guys at RapidShare sure do a good job.
I spend several moments trying to decrypt this....until i gave up
How about you!!!

I sware, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. My thoughts on the situation, DONT BUY IT!!! least not just yet

This might be a great game from 50 cent this time around...

Are ISP's serving ads?

Many ISPs have already adopted the controversial practice of serving advertisements when a customer tries to browse to a Web site that does not exist. But a growing number of providers also are serving ad-filled pages when customers request a subdomain of a Web site that does not exist, such as This practice, which experts say potentially introduces new copyright violation claims, also potentially introduces security threats when ISPs outsource the ad-serving process to third parties.
I've never knew this was happening, but it's not surprising at all
I just hope all of you have adblock...

Via washington post

A real time waster when bored

At work or at school, when you do feel bored. This game might be one for you
SUPER small game for your PC called "Super Mario Pac" that requires NO INSTALLATION! It is pretty neat and has sucked me in for hours! The download link is at the bottom if ya'll wanna play

Here's some screenshots...

Barack Obama brushes it off

Obama impresses me every time on what he wants to do as president
Like Jay-Z once said "You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulders"

Edit: Same video, different angle

Obama Talks & Plays Basketball

Obama talks and plays basketball in this video
For an 40 something, he can play, for sure :)

Make US broadband competitive and cheap

Is there a dirty little secret in the cable industry? Well...this guy at blogmaverick thinks so. Your cable company still delivers basic cable channels in an analog rate of 6mhz (38mbs for short). His view is to turn off and transition each analog cable channel and switch them to digital the same as the analog shutdown date for over the air TV signals. His case seems very good indeed but can it be done?

Agree or disagree? Any thoughts!!!

Via blogmaverick

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Kobe Bryant jumps over an Aston Martin

Ok, He’s either really cool, stupid or has great special effect people behind the scenes. Either way, it’s entertaining.....:)
Is it fake or real.....You decide!

Engadget gets a new look

Nice layout Engadget, don't get why do the redesign but it's nice
What do you think?

Via Engadget
The online behavior of a small but growing number of computer users in the United States is monitored by their Internet service providers, who have access to every click and keystroke that comes down the line
This topic might fuel the qusetion of "Is privacy dead on the internet"
I sure think so...

Via The Washington Post
The guy gets his laptop replaced for a new one, instead he gets the laptop + hair?
I think the pic says it all, don't you agree!

Via The Consumerist
Sorry for the not posting as much, bit busy as of late...:(
Anyway, There's a nice article on how to budget your money and save for large purchases like a house for example...

Check out the article here

Top urban comics respond to Pauly Shore's Vid

I know he's not really racist but he's not really funny either...
It seems to be a PR stunt for his new DVD called "Natural Born Komic"

PS: I still think he's not all

Previously: Pauly Shore playing the race card

Nvidia's Data Center

Watch as he shows where they test their graphics processors!!!
They have all these servers but have not yet fixed their driver issue with Vista
Now that's something to think about...

Akon & T-Pain Have Lunch

This is so hilarious, i wish they talk like that every single time they're on TV

K-Beta - "Live Illegal"

I don't know about you, but this is true independent hip hop...

Today Engadget went all magenta in response to T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom's cry to stop it's use of the color magenta, as it causes "confusion" between the brands.....

It’s so silly that a company is suing a blog that has a big fan base like Engadget?
As other sites did, I too give my solidarity to Engadget to fight this thing to the end

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Any comments!

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